You will notice pretty quickly that there are two different coaching styles during this journey. This was done completely on purpose and for an excellent reason. It is our hope that our approach has led us to a more thorough and well-thought plan than one person would accomplish.

While Mitchell and Dean have very different personalities, they do have two things in common: a love for Christ, our Savior, and a love of running. You won’t find the eloquence of Shakespeare, or the knowledge of Einstein, but you will find heartfelt thoughts and feelings that are our attempt to build you up both physically and spiritually.

Mitchell Hollis, founder of Run for God, does not come to the table with a life long resume of being a runner, but rather a man who is trying to follow God's lead to encourage runners to share their passion through the sport of running. Mitchell considers himself a bit of a slow endurance junkie as opposed to a lightning fast thoroughbred. Mitchell has a history of marathon running and Ironman competing, but has spent the past several years enjoying the task of coaching his son Lane to the world stage in the sport of triathlon. 

Dean Thompson comes to the table from a very different background. Dean loves to go fast and to cheer others on in the process. He is a lifetime runner, Run for God instructor, and has forgotten more running experiences than he remembers. Part of that could be due to his age :), but as a proficient runner, his perspective speaks from tens of thousands of road miles.

Both Dean and Mitchell call Dalton, GA home where they live with their families. You will not find a better combination that will bring encouragement, knowledge, and a healthy dose of "kick you in the pants when you need it".